AiM: Shadows of Night
RPG Screenshot 5
"The world is truly open."
Game name AiM: Shadows of Night
Developer Amari64/DTHVaren and DarkCrystals120
Release date TBA
Game type Role-Playing Game
Predecessor Old AiM: Omega Genesis Wave / Adventures in Mobius (RPG)
Successor N/A

AiM: Shadows of Night (also known as AoS: Shadows of Night) is an upcoming Role-Playing Game that is based off of the events of Reckoning Day Saga, made with the RPG Maker MV engine and by DarkCrystals120 and Amari64.

Development History

Although the exact date is unknown, The original AiM RPG that preceded Shadows of Night was coined back years ago on a AiM2 rehash map and was put in to practice using the RPG Maker VX Ace engine. The RPG would be canned and resurrected several times, one of those attempts being the Omega Genesis Wave Finale RPG, by DTH and DarkCrystals120 until it was quietly put to rest for a long time.

On a unidentified date in 2016, DarkCrystals120 would resurrect the RPG in the form of "AoS: Shadows of Night" as a RPG that was based off of the events of Era 3 on the RPG Maker MV Engine. The project proved to be much bigger and much more professional then the last attempts. DTH would later choose to return to the project as well and help DarkCrystals120. They would then proceed to continue on and post updates on their progress throughout the next two years exclusively on the Skype chats and keep information about the RPG secret from the ROBLOX side of the coin until recently.

On June 4, 2018, DarkCrystals120 launched a poll on the front page of the AiM Data Archives. The poll was about what events should be included in the RPG. The 4 candidates were a Green Sun Finale Sidestory, an Omega Genesis Wave Finale Sidestory, a Tournament segment or some Sidestories for Specific Characters. The winning candidate was Sidestories for Specific Characters with 11 votes while the Tournament Segment candidate had 10 votes. 21 people voted for the Poll. The poll closed on June 5, 2018.

On June 17, 2018, Amari64 launched a group shout on the official AiM Group on ROBLOX. The shout included a link which lead to five leaked images of the AiM RPG on Imgur.

On January 27, 2019, the official AiM RPG Discord was launched.

Confirmed Elements

Playable Characters

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There are 3 unidentified DESTRON combots found in one of the leaked screenshots that have yet to be named.


Main Quests
Name Description Steps Rewards
Off the Radar TBA TBA TBA
Tome of Secrets TBA TBA TBA
Market Panic TBA TBA TBA
Side Quests
Name Description Steps Rewards
Heavy Hijinks The Hard-Boiled Heavies are kidnapping Mobini in the area. Track them down and take them out.
  • Track down the Heavies (0/1)
  • Strange Stone (1x)


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