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Armis Cruxia was the prince of Cortis, a kingdom off of the coast of the Teslonian Capital. He was adopted by the current king of Cortis, King Mateus Cruxia XCIII, as his wife and queen of Cortis was found to be incapable of baring her own children. Armis was chosen by King Mateus due to his knowledge of who Armis's real father was: Kiba Jirou. Knowing that the boy was the son of Take-Mikazuchi gave King Mateus great hope for his kingdom.


King Mateus was a close ally of Kiba and had previously met the Original herself. It was because of his interactions with the Original, however, that he was given the task of protecting a cursed blade that once belonged to a prestigious demon that once worked alongside Cuore. The demon, who had been known as "Lux Bahamut," was fairly well known for his rebellious nature. Lux Bahamut had left Cuore's side in the 13th Cycle of the multiverse and joined with the Original and the Order she had commanded.

Despite his allegiance to the Original, Lux Bahamut was still an incredibly dark and mysterious creature. He had even once killed an Observer of incredible power who had threatened the Original. In the cycle that took place before the "Old World's," Lux Bahamut was killed alongside the Original within the void by the Goddess of Death, Izanami. With his death, Lux Bahamut's own soul was melted into the blade given to King Mateus by the Original, who was reborn in the next cycle.

The Original had given Mateus the strict rule to not allow contact with the blade of Lux Bahamut, for it would possess whoever attempted to wield it. Mateus, for many years, had no issue in following this rule. It was his new son, however, that failed to obey the rule.

Late at night during the early years of his life, the young and incredibly rash Armis Cruxia had been exploring the castle in which his new father had allowed for him to live within. During his exploration, Armis stumbled upon the chamber that contained the cursed blade.

Out of curiosity, Armis had made the mistake the Original had hoped nobody would: He attempted to wield the blade. Through that single action, Armis's body was possessed by Lux Bahamut. However, to the surprise of King Mateus and the Original, Armis was not entirely possessed. He still retained his mind and self-control. The only conclusion the Original could make was that Lux Bahamut had made the choice to form a Soul Bond with the child.

This Soul Bond created the first Teslonian demon known by Observers simply as the "Storyteller."


Later Years

In the passing years, Armis was trained with martial arts, the usage of weaponry, and his favorite subject: Magic. The kingdom believed that their next eventual king was so adept with magic at such a young age that there was no chance of failure with him as their leader. Eventually, though, the prince's immense magic capabilities drew attention from the rest of the world.

This attention caused for a meeting between King Mateus and Senator Zetsubo of the Lights. In this meeting that was broadcasted live to a curious and interested society of Teslon, Senator Zetsubo revealed that he somehow knew that their prince was a demon to the rest of the world. Enraged, the people of both the Lights and the Darks demanded that the Cortians be isolated from the rest of the world for their practices with dark magic.

The demand was met with a global council unanimously agreeing to isolate and discriminate against Cortis in an organized manner.

Years had passed and the older Armis Cruxia was isolated with the kingdom. M

any believed that Armis should've been banished in order to save the image of Cortis. This argument was hardly stalled by King Mateus.

With his isolation, Armis learned to develop his own magic spells and devices that could conjure spells automatically. Using this, he created a large variety of magic spells that were meant to be used by the Cortians to improve their lives. What Armis would never admit was that his true goal was for his people to accept him once more.


While a number of citizens in Cortis did receive newfound trust in the prince, the large majority of people still believed that his presence was malevolent to the kingdom.

Armis grew to become a reserved but rash and somewhat rude young man. However, Armis mainly acted rude in order to avoid any attempts to remain close to someone, as he had very little knowledge on social interaction from his isolation. Although this was the case, Armis was always able to put on a poker face and be respectful when it was necessary.

Meeting the Hierarchy

Shortly before the heroes visited the "Zach Timeline" to defeat Alpha's Unlimited-consumed son, Armis had arrived on Earth with his first and only chance at proving himself through a diplomatic meeting. He had been given the opportunity directly from the High Imperator Shi to meet once more with the man responsible for his home's downfall: Senator Zetsubo.

After repeated attempts to attend his meeting, the Hierarchy continued to avoid and reschedule the meeting, giving Armis the impression they were deliberately playing him. If it wasn't the Hierarchy, it was surely the Senator.


When the multitude of government officials were killed on the base the heroes infiltrated, Armis returned home to Cortis, his mission failed. Unfortunately, the people of Cortis knew that Armis would fail and appointed a new prince through democratic voting: A local man by the name "Somnus."

With Armis's role taken, King Mateus was finally forced to remove Armis from the country from the demand of the people. Armis was sent to the territory of the Lights with nowhere to go.

Ryoko's Hometown

Armis was enraged by what had been causing him trouble his whole life: The Hierarchy and its leaders. He determined that if he had anywhere to go, it would be to facilities owned by the Hierarchy in order to exact revenge upon them. With this goal in mind, Armis began to travel across Teslon.

In the passing weeks, Armis had found himself in the town known as "Ryoko's Hometown" to the common AiM fan. While passing through the town, Armis was greeted by a young woman by the name of Ryoko, who welcomed him to the town. Armis was appreciative of her kindness, as he hadn't witnessed anything like it before. However, Armis was fearful that he would lose this first friend of his due to his nature.

Ryoko had invited him to stay with her and her father while he was remaining in town. Armis graciously accepted her offer and returned to her home with her. He met her father, a kind older man by the name Sen. Sen was an incredibly intelligent man whose smarts impressed Armis beyond compare. The three had bonded and Armis had his first experiences of true interaction.

However, on the third night, Sen approached Armis personally to explain that he knew who he was. To explain he knew that Armis was the "Demon of the West." He respectfully asked for Armis to leave, as he was fearful that housing a demon would cause them more trouble than he's worth.

Armis, though incredibly upset, understood Sen's fear. Before leaving the home, Armis found a newspaper article on a desk in Sen's kitchen explaining that King Mateus XCIII was mysteriously found dead just hours after a meeting with the Hierarchy. He listened to Sen's request and left the town shortly after without Ryoko receiving an explanation. Armis was prepared for revenge. 

As was Lux Bahamut.

Great Mesa

Days later, Armis reached the first Hierarchy facility he wanted to target: a massive factory that produced weapons for the soldiers of the Hierarchy. The factory, known as "The Great Mesa" to most, was difficult for any average man to infiltrate. However, Armis's spells he developed over the years paid off for him, as he was able to use a form of magic that would teleport him to wherever his blade landed if he so desired. Using this, Armis made record timing in the destruction of the factory.

Even though it was a landslide victory, the Hierarchy quickly identified Armis as the perpetrator, causing for him to become wanted in a large majority of the territory they controlled.

Returning Memory

While on his travels to the second facility he wanted to target, the "Chain" that bound the memories of the heroes from the "Old World" was destroyed by the Salesman. Armis finally regained his old memories as they overlapped with his modern ones. He remembered his brother, his friends, how he had met Ryoko and Sen before, and most importantly, he finally realized that the entire time, Senator Zetsubo was truly the evil God of Creation, "The Salesman."

Second Attack

Armis reached the second Hierarchy facility, one similar to the Mesa. From there, he was able to successfully bypass security in a similar manner before he reached the inner section of the building. It was there that he met a mercenary decked in nearly indestructable blue and silver armor. The mercenary, calling himself "Soldier 0," was paid to defend the facility and most specifically to defeat Armis, as the one paying him knew Armis would arrive there.

After a long fight, Armis defeated the mercenary by the skin of his teeth. Had he made any mistakes, the man would've smeared him. Removing the helmet from the man, Armis discovered that "Soldier 0" was really his ally from the "Old World," Alphonse.