Bill Varen the Hedgehog
Bill the Hedgehog
Hedgehog / NEO
Gray skinned Hedgehog with brown eyes and quills going up.
Blue Jeans, Red Cape, Brown Shoes, Brown right Glove, Metal blue left glove.
Destruction (Brother)
Chaos Force
  • Chaos Control
  • Chaos Spear
  • Chaos Blast
  • Several NEO Abilities
Ability type
Super Form
  • Dark-Demon Form
  • Crimson Flame/Crimson Quill Form
  • NEO Form
  • Aura Form
  • Nova NEO Form
  • True NEO Form
  • Cephillic / NEO God Form

Bill Varen, also known as Bill the Hedgehog, is the brother of Destruction, current leader of DESTRON, and a major character in the AiM series. He is a half-Mobian and half-NEO Hedgehog who has several NEO Abilities such as his NEO Form and Nova NEO.

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Early Life

Bill, from as far back as he can remember, lived with Doctor Ivo Robotnik as his Grandson. It was a fairly calm life until, at the age of 15, he stumbled upon Ivo in an Important call with Doctor Wily, discussing their next plan for World Domination. Bill was caught by Silver Sonic, and was brought out in front of Ivo, who revealed his true intentions for the World- World Domination. He also stated his new name- Doctor Eggman. He offered Bill a chance to work alongside him but Bill declined. He was promptly exiled from the Eggman Empire.

Starting of his Career and Adventures

Following his exile, He later met Kal The Grey Lucario, who scolded Bill and taught him how to be a hero. Bill loved the feeling of being a hero. He's spent the rest of his live as a hero.

He eventually met a Female Red Fox named Flare, who he quickly had a strong relationship with. Days later- He encountered a Hedgehog with a Shocking Resemblance to him. Destruction, Bill's Anti. He kidnapped Flare and brought her to an Oil Rig. Bill quickly chased Destruction down to save her. What happened on the Oil Rig is unknown to all but Flare and Destruction- and neither talks about it. Bill and Flare eventually decided to leave behind the Legend Region, setting their sights towards the Emerald Isles where they met Alpha The Ultimate Hedgehog, Zoness The Fox, Light The Hedgehog, and many others. When he met his new Friends, he met his first real villain, Monster X.

Battle against Monster X

Monster X was a deadly Kaiju who planned to take over Mobius and beyond. Unfortunately for him, Bill and the others were there to stop him. Eventually Monster X directly came to speak to Bill. He told Bill about the NEO. How they are powered by Negativity. Anger. Sadness, Pain, suffering. Any Negative Emotion makes NEO Stronger. Making the NEO almost invincible. The main way to defeat them, kindness. Positive Emotions. After Monster X's Speech, Bill somehow gained new powers, NEO powers. Or more rather, unlocked them. He was prompty defeated days later. Bill's journey's continued for years to come, fighting off many more foes over the years....

Death and Revival

During a battle against Therius, Bill was defeated and was flung into space by Dr. Robotnik. It wasn't until years later after Therius's defeat in which he was found alive at Summer Tournament III. His revival shocked everyone. His brother, Destruction, was also found alive at the tournament, who was thought to have been killed by Sting during the Eggman Empire's invasion of Cocoa Island, even though Sting said that he was with a person who he found was very powerful.

Bill and Destruction were chosen to fight eachother in Match 4. Before the match, one of the spectators, History Toad, was so surprised that he told everyone at the stadium about the amazing things Bill did. Whether it be defeating Eggman and the Vile Spacegodzilla, saving an entire region and battling and saving Mobius over 5 times 10 years ago. Bill won the match after the match was over.


Bill has a connection to the Chaos Force. So naturally, he can use powers such as Chaos Control, Chaos Spear, and Chaos Blast. He also can access a Super Form, and Hyper Form, if the Chaos, or Super Emeralds are present. His most known Power, his NEO abilities. NEO feeds off of Negativity, so if there is any Negative Emotions around, Bill can reach a NEO Form. If he absorbs in even more, He can reach Nova NEO. He can also achieve an Aura Form, if he cannot access NEO Form. Unlike NEO, the more living people around Bill, the stronger his Aura Form is.


Bill has many forms, some he gained due to being part Mobian, others he gained due to the fact that he is part NEO. And others, he got from close friends.

Super Bill

When Bill collects the Seven Chaos Emeralds, he can channel their power to reach a Super Form, enhancing all his abilities, and turning his fur Yellow, with a Sky Blue stripe down the middle of his head.

Dark/Demon Bill

No one has seen this form, and lived to tell the tale. Bill has only ever used it before he gained NEO, but his female counterpart, Bella, seems to use it quite often. In this form, Bill's rage is uncontrolable. He is a pure killing machine. He will reach it when he can't control the urge to hurt, or kill someone, usually a certain villain. In this form, all his abilities are enhanced. Similar to Nova NEO, but far more deadly.

Crimson Flame Bill "Crimson Quill"

When Bill is surrounded by fire, or absorbs in a large amount of it, his body adapts to the fire. His Quills become extremely long, and they wave around slowly, like flames. His Fur turns a fiery red, and his eyes turn Gold. Some people call this form "The Crimson Quill", but it is not the official name. In this form, he gains the advantage over foes of the Element Earth.

NEO Bill

This is Bill's most known form, which he can now reach at almost any time. Originally, he needed to absorb in enough Negative Energy to achieve NEO Form. Now he can create Negativity himself, from past experiences, such as a lost family member, or extreme pain. In this form, his fur turns Green, with Blue Quills. His eyes become almost demonic like, being completely black with Red Pupils. In this form, his NEO powers are enhanced greatly, allowing him to fire NEO Blasts effortlessly, and charge NEO Beams in less time.

Aura Bill

When Bill is surrounded by a large amount of life energy, he can reach an Aura Form. This form is as strong as NEO, but in some situations, better than NEO Form. Bill would never have been able to reach Aura Form without Kal's help. In Aura Form, Bill gains the ability to fire Aura Spheres, as well as fire the deadly Aura Storm. Bill's Aura form seems to have an advantage over NEO, in battle. The Aura form's main advantage is it's focus on elegant combat, rather than raw strength or power.

Nova NEO Bill

If Bill absorbs in even more Negative Energy, he will eventually reach Nova NEO Form, which is far better than NEO Form. He can fire a NEO Beam in less than 10 seconds, and fire an endless stream of small NEO Energy Blasts, almost effortlessly.

True NEO Bill

Bill can reach True NEO, when he absorbs in Extreme Amounts of Negative Energy. True NEO increases all his abilities, and he can fire NEO Beams instantly. He can now charge up NEO Beams, as much as he wants however, for a bigger impact. In addition, the True NEO form has four versions which specialize in different situations. The most well known, entirely Purple True NEO form is called Origin, a balanced form with no major advantages or disadvantages. The second form is Radeon Negative, a form associated with hate, anger, fire, and the earth. It sports a Black appearance with glowing red markings. The ying to it's yang is Blue Sidonis, a form of Light- and Heroism. It specializes in Water and Wind control and is identifiable by it's bright blue appearance. The final form is Reaper, which is entirely Black- and is the most deadly form of all the True NEO's. It grants Bill immense power- that of which hasn't been truly calculated yet, but at a grave cost. It drains his energy at a shocking rate.

Cephillic, The NEO God



When Bill collects the twelve NEO Emeralds, he will reach his GOD Form. This is his Ultimate Form, turning him into a massive Black Dragon, he has almost complete control over NEO. This form has only been used once, against Genova, The Mechanical God. Together with Sithid, (Who was only an illusion.), Akatosh, Moridan, Solerant, and even Giygas, the six Gods overpowered Genova, along side the heroes.

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