Throughout the years, AiM itself has spawned many memes that came from spelling errors to individuals themselves. They've become a normal part of the AiM Skype Chats / Discord Chats.



'Yeag' comes from a spelling error JulianRobotnik had while he was quickly trying to type the word 'Yeah'. Since then, admins and non-admins alike have been using the word as a joke, commonly referencing the Super Mario character, Luigi.


'Slaker' originated when the user STANLEY69 kept following around role-players during the original AiM2. When they asked him to 'stop stalking', he responded with "I'M NOT SLAKING!". He misspelled the word 'stalking'. The admins started to use this word as another way of referencing role-players who frequently follow other roleplayers.

Jet slaking Hurricane

Jet slaking Hurricane

The original incident.

Jet slaking Hurricane refers to an incident during a AiM Hunger Games simulator on AiM's discord. During Day 1 of the Hunger Games, the "Bloodbath", Jet the Hedgehog stalked Hurricane "all day and all night". Jet the Hedgehog, however didn't survive the Hunger games as he would be killed and looted by Polaris, who was forced by Mineta to kill either Jet or Magus. Hurricane on the other hand was the winner of the Hunger Games. This became popular since Jet, the person that stalked Hurricane, was roleplayed by STANLEY69, who was responsible for the Slaker meme.

'Bill x DarkCrystals'

Bill x DarkCrystals originated when DarkCrystals120's OC, Michikio, fell in love with Bill's half-OC, Cephillic. The two characters would eventually get together as a result of a fateful meeting on top of a cliff near an Eggman Empire mining area located around the AiM1.5 region. Due to how submissive DarkCrystals120 was towards Bill during this time, nonadmins and admins started cracking jokes based on the two. The jokes haven't stopped yet.


Chancezilla32 was an unusually old roleplayer on AiM who roleplayed as a character named Chance or Chancezilla, who was apparently the son of Monster X. Due to Chance's own version of broken english, everyone cracked jokes based on that. He also followed people around just as much if not more than STANLEY69 ever did, eventually leading to his ban.

'Joke' Section of "The Broble"

'The AiM Broble' is a collection of various different Skype Messages, all of which have JulianRobotnik speaking in a comedic or serious tone. The Joke section focuses solely on his harmless bantering and constant jokes towards other people and general things.

AiM 'RPG System'

The 'AiM RPG System' was a concept brought up during Era 2's smooth terrain Beach map. It involved turning AiM into an actual Earthbound-ESQ RPG where the heroes could level up under different classes such as 'Human', 'Robot', 'Mobian', etc. Spongocardo, the scripter for AiM, scrapped this idea as it required tons of work, resources, and patience. The user 'woodson77' began repeatedly asking for the revival of the development of the RPG System, which made it into a meme at that point. Sadly, Spongocardo has no future plans to further the development of the RPG System.

' ... '

The three dots is commonly used as indication for when a character hesitates. However, players like Emero431 and Shadowbro01 overuse this, especially the latter. Dots are also used extremely often by DarknessTheHedgehog0, as his character Darkness would pause for a long time before saying something by adding an unnecessary amount of dots before any word.

"Don't Care"

The phrase "don't care" originates from the user 'jonathanlott64', when his Saiyan FC 'Jon' would state that he doesn't care to someone or something happening. Admins have since then used this phrase for its intended purpose.


'Probobly' originated when JulianRobotnik repeatedly misspelled the word 'Probably', and it's since then stuck to his normal vocabulary.

Amari64's Computer Problems

Amari64 is one of the most notable admins on AiM and is the creator of Destruction the Hedgehog. In recent times, his computer started to have computer problems, ultimately making him disconnect from AiM during events unpredictably and unexpectedly. It is a common misconception that is due to his internet or wi-fi and it later became a running gag. In reality, the true cause of it was because of graphics driver issues. One of the most notable examples was on July 7, 2018, which was Day 1 of Summer Tournament III. Before the round began, Amari left for no reason. He left because his game crashed while DarkCrystals120, the host of Summer Tournament III, left because he had to go out with his family at a restaurant for dinner. This ultimately lead into Day 1 of the Tournament being delayed to July 9, 2018.

Many users started Joking about a fictional Media Franchise about Amari64's computer crashing such as "Amari64 VS. Internet Service" and "Amari64 Crashes: Christmas Special". The users also thought about mixing his Internet and Wi-Fi Problems with other memes such as "AiM but everytime Amari dies I lose faith in Humanity" and "AiM but everytime Amari dies the entire Bee movie plays".

Pepsi Wild Cherry Emoji

Pepsi Wild Cherry is the Cherry-flavored variation of the Pepsi Soda Brand introduced in 1988 by PepsiCo.

The Pepsi Wild Cherry Emoji is a 32-bit sprite and custom emoji on the AiM: Shadows of Night Discord server. The Emoji was created by owen313, who plays as Sky in AiM. The emoji was created when cooltwins10, an alt of titangamer05, who plays as a Goomy in AiM, requested owen313 to create an emoji of a Pepsi Wild Cherry can after he finished creating a sprite for a generic Pepsi Can. The request was posted in the #items channel.

After owen313 finished the Pepsi Wild Cherry emoji and posted it onto the discord server, the Sprite was sometime later made into a custom emoji for the server. The emoji quickly became popular with many of the server's users posting it several times in the channels.

The Emoji is currently only available in the AiM: Shadows of Night server and not on the AiM Discord Community, AiM's official discord server.