GUN Commander
The Commander
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See appearance section
His Family (Deceased)
*Expert leadership skills
  • Skilled in the use of weapons
  • Expert mech pilot
Ability type

Commander Abraham Tower (also known as the GUN Commander) is a elderly human male who is in charge of GUN. His identity has never been revealed, not even in Shadow the Hedgehog, the 2005 Action Video Game that serves as his debut game. His name has only been disclosed in the Archie Comics.


The Commander is an elderly human male with a lined face, grey hair and mismatching eyes of green and brown, meaning he has Heterochromia, a condition in which the colored part of the eye's iris is multicolored. He has stern features and wears a grey uniform adorned with a sash and ribbons of yellow, red and blue.


The man was never identified in any of the Sonic games he appeared. However, he is identified as "Abraham Tower" in the famous Sonic Archie comics. But, however, due to Sonic Archie comic's status being non-canonical to the main Sonic games, he is only known as the GUN Commander by GUN soldiers.

Early Life

Abraham Tower grew up with his family on the Space Colony ARK, and was a good friend of Maria Robotnik. One day while playing with her, Tower saw Shadow being created by Black Doom and Gerald Robotnik. He was terrified at the sight of Shadow. His family and Maria were later killed in the GUN's military's attack. He harbored a deep personal hatred towards Shadow the Hedgehog for this, blaming him for their deaths.

Annexation of Cocoa Island

Due to scanners and satelites detecting a massive energy surge from under the Island, GUN was sent to annex and excavate the Island so that they "can secure the power and deliver it back to the United Federations heartland. He currently resides at GUN's weapons bed at Cocoa Island.

2nd Invasion of the Eggman Empire

When Dr. Eggman ordered to fire a warhead torwards the GUN's Weapons Bed alongside with the Outpost, he escaped into a black Helicopter alongside with some other GUN Soldiers. They were sent to an island near the Island filled with nuclear radiation after the destruction of the Weapons Bed and Outpost because the Heli was damaged.

After the Shepards and the Heroes made it to the nuclear-radiated Island, a GUN Soldier spotted the heroes and ordered them to come over to the Heli. Once they arrived, Tower got out of the Heli. He told them how they survived. The heroes told them that they went through the water cave and into the nuclear-radiated island. He then apologized for doubting the heroes and seeing that the heroes "took the situation in their hands and saved a lot of people". Tower then told them that Port Bark is safe and that all of the survivors were there and must act now and if not, they could do a counter attack. He also told the people that were good with Technology to repair the Heli.

It was too late though. Eggman's ships flew to the nuclear-radiated Island to attack the heroes and the remaining GUN soldiers. Abraham Tower immediately ordered to position the mortar launchers and set up some floater eyebots. Unfortunately, a beam was launched from one of the ships and landed straight into the helicopter, bursting it into flames. It even shattered the platform that the helicopter was on. However, a Missile that wasn't from Eggman's arsenal appeared. It was from the Battlebird Armada. The Battlebird ships appeared and obliverated the entire fleet with their technology and a tractor beam and under the command of Fukurokov and Kukku. The Battlebird commandship comes down and saves the heroes.

After being rescued, Abraham Tower came up to Kukku and ordered them to save the resistance that was at Port Bark. Kukku then told Fukurokov to pilot the Commandship into the forcefield that was covering the entire island and the islets and park at Port Bark.