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This article is about a subject from outside JulianRobotnik's core AiM Canon. It might have some level of canonicity within the two continuities, but reader discretion is advised.[?]


Kelson is a caucasian male, standing at about 5"11 feet tall, has blond hair, and blue eyes.

He typically wears his traditional Jedi Robes, which includes a cloak with a hood that he prefers to keep down.
Kelson Aldo
HD Kelson
"I know many things, but there will always be something new and unexpected, be it good or bad"
Human (Force Sensitive)
Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes
Traditional Jedi Robes
Jaek Aldo (Father), Serisa Aldo (Mother)
Light Side of The Force
Lightsaber Combat, Demolitions, Acrobatics, Computers, Marksmanship, Survival, Stealth and Piloting
Ability type
The Force
Technically, Kelson can enter a intense episode of PTSD triggered by an extensive injury or traumatic event


Generally, Kelson maintains a very neutral demeanor when it comes to normal interaction, and can sometimes come across as bland or unemotional, likely a result of his Jedi Conditioning. He usually tries to get to know people he hasn't met before, and tries to learn what he can about anything he can't understand. If you spend enough time with him, you might be able to see past his "mask" of passiveness, and get a look into his more emotional side.

Sometimes, when something especially traumatizing or jarring happens, his emotions will rise to the surface, showing more of his personality before he began his Jedi Training. Additionally, he'll sometimes open up to people he considers close. In the face of danger, he rarely shows fear, even when his life is in serious danger... But he becomes fearful for his friends, sometimes even desperate, and is willing to take their place if it comes to it. When necessary, Kelson is a capable leader, usually planning and trying to direct possible strategies and weaknesses against any foes, or even managing resources.


Kelson Aldo comes from a galaxy far far away.. In the year approximately 3978 BBY, or 3978 years before the battle of Yavin IV, Kelson Aldo was born on a moon called Nar Shaddaa, which orbits the planet of Nal Hutta. Nar Shaddaa is covered by a city spanning the entire moon, with buildings so tall that it would take hours before you hit the ground if you fell off of one. Despite this, it is not a very pleasent place to live, because it is crawling with gangs and the Exchange, a major crime organization that has many influances across the galaxy. He wasn't born to a very rich family, infact, his parents were living in poverty, and unable to take care of him. This was made worse after the Mandalorian Wars began, flooding the world with refugees and making life even harder for them. At the age of 4, when he first began to show signs of being a force sensitive, his parents gave him to the Jedi, in hopes that he could live a better life there than what they could provide for him.

As a youngling, Kelson was always interested in the lightsabers that the Jedi used throughout there travels, he dreamed of being able to cut through anything, and taking on anything the world threw at him. He spent many years training with  lightsabers, learning many forms of combat and showing great prowess at a young age. Then, now at the age of 13, the Mandalorian Wars began to become a full scale galactic conflict, and tensions began to grow within the Jedi Order over whetheir they should join in the fighting. If he had been old enough, Kelson likely would have joined the group of Jedi that broke off from the Order, but he was only 15 at the time. After his old padawan left him to fight in the wars, Master Kavar took Kelson to be his new Padawan, teaching him everything he can about the force, and how to wield a lightsaber.

Sometime shortly after the end of the Mandalorian Wars, a new Sith Lord, now named Darth Revan, returned with all of the Jedi who had originally fought in the wars, seeking to destroy the Jedi and conquer the galaxy. Kelson, now having recently become a Jedi knight, was thrown into the conflict, forced to fight for his beliefs, and the very survival of the Jedi. Throughout the war, Kelson acted as a commander, leading Republic troops in many major battles that would determine the fate of the Galaxy as he knew it.

Soon, he had to face off against many of the Jedi he once looked up to in his early years, and managed to defeat many Dark Jedi he met in combat thanks to his skills with a lightsaber. At the end of the war, Kelson was with one of the Jedi Strike forces that spearheaded the attack on a Secret Facility, and was among the fewer that survived the battle. In the end, barely a hundred Jedi had survived, and the Republic was in shambles, having barely managing to hold off against the seemingly endless forces of the Sith.

In the year 3954 BBY, the few remaining Jedi that survived the wars began to mysteriously vanish. Kelson started to become paranoid, sensing that something was wrong with the whole situation. When the Jedi Council sent the messege to gather at the Miraluka world of Kataar, he did not come, fearing that such a gathering would be dangerous. Unfortunately, he could not even begin to imagine how right he was, and what he managed to avoid in doing so.

Soon after the gathering, Kelson felt a terrible disturbance in the force, all life on Kataar had been suddenly snuffed out, and force presence that was once there was now completely non-existant. He was absolutely devastated by the sudden loss, struggling to come to terms with being one of the last remaining Jedi, and in the days that followed, he began to see visions of a Dark Cloaked figure, with a white mask, which plagued his dreams and further drove his paranoia.

The very few remaining Jedi that Kelson had been in contact with, who were also some of his best friends throughout his life, were his only informants on what was going on throughout the rest of the galaxy. He had been staying in hiding on a world far out in the Outer-Rim, doing his best to avoid detection from this threat that was silently killing what was left of the Jedi. Sadly, keeping contact with these friends led the Sith to him, as they were able to trace their communications after his friends we discovered, leading them straight to Kelson.

While he was on his ship heading to a local colony to resupply, he felt a disturbance in the force, before a massive hulking Sith Warship jumped into the system, and began firing at his freighter. Barely having time to react, Kelson made a jump to lightspeed without giving it any time to warm up, or even plot a course. All of the years of use, along with a combination of poor maintenance, and sudden activation, caused his hyperdrive to malfunction, the physics that were manipulated inside of it were warped, creating a wormhole to another neighboring galaxy far far away, which his ship promptly flew into. Although Kelson didn't know exactly how it happened, his Hyperdrive made a worrying sickly sound, and instead of seeing a endless blur of stars whizzing past the view of his starship viewing port, he saw an endless black void. Soon after, a bright flash of light filled the entire ship and he found himself in a completely alien galaxy.

At first, Kelson did not realise that he was no longer in his own galaxy, and he immediately searched for a planet with a survivable atmosphere before he ended up finding a Teslonian colony in a nearby system. It quickly became apparent to him though, after seeing that their technology was much different from what he was accustomed to, and that they spoke an entirely different language all together. Thankfully with the help of his droid T4-M6, and over 6 months of practice, he was able to effectively communicate with them, and begin to travel across galaxy on his ship, occasionally helping when he could, and collecting small amounts of fuel from drifting astroids.

One year after arriving in the AiM galaxy, his ship reached  the planet of Earth, where he did not have enough fuel to power his hyperdrive any longer, and was promptly stranded. There, he spent a year exploring the world, before settling down in the woods nearby Baile Ore, living as a hermit in his freighter for several months before strange events began to unfold, and he left his secluded lifestyle to interact with the strange characters who had began to pop up, and participate in a new story of adventure and great peril.


Kelson Aldo was born with a strong connection to the force, granting access to a wide range of powers which give him an advantage over many tasks. Kelson primarily uses powers from a Star Wars RPG called KoTOR, which can be found HERE


Kelson's connection to the force gives him many unique abilities, which is explained HERE


Kelson's Jedi Training and overall experience gives him a wide variety of skills, including but not limited to; Lightsaber Combat, Demolitions, Acrobatics, Computers, Marksmanship, Survival, Stealth and Piloting


Kelson may be a powerful Jedi Knight, but he has several different weaknesses which can weaken or even cripple him at times. He has a heavy attachment to his friends, and will sometimes lose control of himself if anything were to happen to them, additionally, he suffers from paranoia which can lead him to overthinking things and stressing himself too much. Sometimes, Kelson can be pushed past his limits, and enters a trance as a result of PTSD, where he is unaware of his surroundings and unable to hear people trying to talk to him. In this state, he will not hold back, fighting brutally and ferociously, but could accidently end up hurting people around him who he might perceive as a threat, and is also much more reckless.