Macarona Casual
Macarona in her normal outfit.
Long brown hair, pale-white skin, average build. Feather wings, crimson-colored eyes
Green sailor uniform with red crosses and stripes, tied with a big long ribbon on the back, accented as well with green crosses. Diamond-patterned tights with Mary Jane shoes with white crosses. Green Breton cap covered with a single red cross and stripe across.
156 cm / 5'1"
97 lbs
Rigatona (Ancestor)
Lawful Good
Immense strength, Holy energy manipulation
Ability type
Martial Arts, Holy Energy

"For as long as I have a duty to uphold...I will not allow myself to die just yet!”
An angel by the name of Macarona who came from a hidden world full of Angels and Demons, often nicknamed as 'Mac.'

She currently resides in Emerald Isles in a house with a couple of friends; Suika, Froze, and Denver.


She has long brown hair that reach to the middle of her back with wings and white skin as well as crimson eyes. She is mostly found wearing a green sailor uniform topped with red crosses/stripes tied with a big long ribbon on her back, accented with green crosses as well. She wears diamond patterned tights with Mary Jane shoes that hold white crosses on them as well. On her head, she wears a green breton sailor cap with a single red cross and stripe across. She wields brass knuckles into battle commonly.


Macarona is a shy and timid girl who is easily scared and embarrassed, but enjoys being around people. She holds many insecurities and allegedly suffers from anxiety, although, holds a will to improve herself. Macarona has a constant care and worry to her friends as well as those by her side and often asks for consent. On the outside, she may be shy, but is hostile to those who threaten whom she cares about.


Low 8-C - Normal

High 8-A - Angel Rampage / Boosted


Previously, she lived in a peaceful hidden world that held a tragic war between the God, Etihw, and the Devil, Kcalb. Although, peace remained between angels and demons alike. Accompanied by her friends and her best friend, Rawberry, Macarona felt happy. Then, under one fell night, one of her friends were attacked by a flaming bat, presumably from another world. It was soon to their dismay that Ivlis, the Devil of the Flame World, invaded their world with his subordinates in search for Kcalb's power. Froze, one of Macarona's friends, was sent to investigate the attacker's world after one had left a portal to the Flame World. Upon hearing this, Yosafire, another friend of Macarona, had gathered Macarona and Rawberry to pursue with Froze. After returning back to their world, they made their way to the God and Devil to clash against Ivlis. After the successful victory and restoration of the world, Macarona was sent to Earth along with her friends for protection until further notice.


Macarona uses her own type of martial arts and uses energy-like attacks mainly for long-range attacks and to add a slight boost in strength to her attacks. Some say there's a hidden strength in her, but she has yet to discover what they really mean by that. She is also able to create clones of herself, but is still learning on how to control them.


Maiden Mayhem - One of Macarona's last resorts, although, can be used correctly without losing complete control. Macarona focuses on the enemy and use a varied barrage of attacks against her enemy, yet, quite maidenly.

200-Grip Attack - Macarona intensely grabs onto the enemy, allowing her to follow up with a variety of moves.

Clone - Macarona creates a clone of herself that is mainly used for distraction purposes as the clone does nothing but stay in the same pose Macarona had been in when used.

Clone Lynch - Macarona's last and secret maneuver. She summons multiple clones that have the intention of attacking the enemy. The amount of clones vary depending on how many Macarona wants.


Angel Arts - A martial arts made and used mostly by Macarona herself. This is a close-range combat technique that is frequently used when face-to-face. This martial arts includes attacks using the full arm, hands, legs, and feet traditionally.

Angel Rampage - A skill Macarona is not aware of, but is used when the certain situation she is included in occurs.


Macarona has a large phobia over bugs and insects alike, often teased by Rawberry for it.

Macarona does not have a great coverage against ranged fighters and is often defenseless against them when pitted against.

Macarona has a low defense and is vulnerable to strong attacks. She makes up for her low defense with her overwhelming strength, although, rendering herself as a glass cannon.



Rawberry is her closest friend, whom had disappeared after being taken hostage. This eventually lead to Macarona blaming herself for it and is determined to seek for her. She takes advantage of Macarona's fear of bugs very often and acts generally playfully towards her.


Froze is another one of her close friends. Macarona feels more safe when around her


Yosafire is another one of her close friends.


  • Macarona's name is based off of Macaroni, which is what others commonly mistake/tease her name as.
  • Macarona has a grip strength of 500!
  • Her house is destroyed very often and is joked about.
  • Macarona's favorite food is Mochi and loves sweets!
  • She has a hobby of reading and owns several plushies. Macarona can't sleep without them.
  • Macarona shies away from love, hoping to focus on more important things.
  • Macarona is the reincarnation of Rigatona.
  • Her hat is one of the most treasured things she owns and never leaves without it. She feels

naked without her hat.