Redesigned Revee
Current Appearance
Not Currently Available
Human (oid)
slightly pale skin with splotches of oil on her cheeks and arm, Orange eyes, light orange (ish) hair with Oil spots
grey gloves, goggles, oil covered "roller" shoes, brown pants, belt and dark blue shirt with a cyan collar
Pirx (brother)
Fix up mechanic
Ability type

Revee is Currently a unused character Originally Planned for AiM during a Steampunk era, but was semi scrapped Due to location complications.


Reeve has Orange eyes, but unfortunately that is the only part of her that's clean other than her tools and goggles. She has pale ish skin with spots and splotches of Oil on her (particularly her cheeks). She has long orange/brownish dirty hair also having oil spots all over it. Her Clothes are often Worn or to the point of wearing out (this is appear ant since one of the sleeves on her "favorite" shirt is missing and the other one is close to being the same way), Her Shoes are particular since they are like Roller states but has a spiked "stopper" at the ends of them (all covered with oil spots mind you)


Reeve has a Positive Optimistic personality and a can do attitude when i comes to mechanics (though she's no expert herself). She tends to look on the bright side of situations, being lucky that nothing blows up or that someone gets hurt (Despite her not knowing whats going on in the world around her).


Reeve Is a Simple Inventor with a VAST knowledge of Tech and parts from many worlds (thanks to innovations her Brother, Pirx). She is a Open minded Inventor (still learning) and often works on her projects whenever she can find the parts for them. Revee rarely Travels unlike her Brother Pirx of whom She hasn't seen in years, But She is always Accompanied by her Inventions (despite them missing pieces of themselves), and Occasionally a Pixlas Friend of her Brother called Gatica. Though she Still has A LOT to learn from what goes on around her due to her always spending her time inside working on new gadgets, gizmos or just fixing up her own Inventions in case of Bugs, Glitches, or Viruses, She Still carries her Positive manner where ever she goes.


Revee is a Simple Mechanic, so she knows her way around certain types of tech. She has also learned how to build some things from Scraps and still have them function without some parts. Inventions include

  • Iper (Unfinished robotic Snake)
  • "Alarm" (Beta tested Alarm system, Still needs work on it's facial recognition)
  • Trocket (Broken down "Flying" Fixer droid/ Daredevil)
  • Rustel (unfinished Solider bot)
  • a Propeller helmet (still working on some kinks involving weight
  • Spik Bust Prototype
Redesigned Iper

Iper, One of Revee's invention (Note that it is missing it's lower jaw, parts of it's suit, and is leaking oil)

Spik-bust the proto type

Spik-Bust (note the loose wires and clear body revealing it's innards)

Trocket the dare devil fixer

Trocket (Note the loose Eye socket, missing peices of shells, dents and bandages covered in oil)


She's Human, Weaknesses are pretty self explanatory seeing that there is no actually super natural defense. Unless you count not easily poisoned (due to her own oil dripping appearance). Anything could easily get the best of her. From something mental like insanity, to something physically like fire.


  • Revee Is one of the few Characters that despite being rarely used, have still been redrawn from her original appearance.
  • Revee is also one of the few that was Scrapped during the "steam punk" era, Including her inventions
  • Revee, Iper, Spik-Bust and Trocket, as well as a variant of Rewind were some of the few from the Era that actually was actually Arted under a Low non Admin.