Better Saryn
Two Souls, One Body
Fallen Angel
Athletic build, dirty-blond/light-brown gelled-up hair, green eyes.
Purple and black patterned dress shirt
Black suit
Silver driving gloves
Black shiny-red soled shoes with sequined crystals at the top
6 foot 3 inches
176 lbs
Evan Gelion (Younger brother - Alive)
T3RR3NC3 (Surrogate younger brother - Active)
Neutral Good
Dagger and sword skill
Mech piloting
Able to command large forces
Adept with thrown weaponry
Ability type
Darkness from Aaron, Light from Hasa.
Shadowlight Apostle (Draining, but insanely powerful.)

"Let's get this handled, the kiddo has training at 5 and I want to make some jello before then."
—Saryn (Aaron)
"WOOHOO! Ain't had this much fun since I died!"
—Saryn (Hasa)

The third of the Apartbros, Saryn, other names including 'Saryn Gelion' and 'Hasaaron', lives in an apartment with Stormfire Rupture and Sterling Errol. The Aaron half has a crush on Macarona that he believes to be unrequited.


As of September 15, 2018, Saryn looks remarkably similar to Ignis Scientia from Final Fantasy XV, his appearance is described here.


Being of two souls, both with strikingly different personalities, Saryn proves to be a strange individual.

When Aaron's soul is in control, Saryn has a prickly exterior, seemingly trying not to help people. However, should things get dicey, Aaron stands by and helps as much as he can, showing the soft interior of his personality, a side mostly displayed around Macarona, as much as he tries to hide it.

When Hasa's soul is in control, Saryn is much more easygoing, enjoying the body he now shares. Unlike Aaron, Hasa is much more willing to help as soon as possible, often being the first on the scene. He's also a relentless tease, a common target being Aaron's crush on Mac.


Low 5-C, using Assassin's Contract as the Shadowlight Apostle has the potential for a moon-destroying feat.


Aaron was one of the most notorious angels in Heaven, a shameless flirt despite him being in lessons to become an Archangel. Once his younger brother became an Archangel, however, sending the younger Gelion away on a mission was all the officials required to cast Aaron out, branding him a Fallen Angel.

Hasa was a hero awakened to the abilities of a SWinger, wielding blades not dissimilar to that of bird wings in battle. Alongside a fellow SWinger, Epoch, Hasa threw himself into his work at keeping the peace in his homeworld.

Aaron, understandably angry at having been cast out, thought that he might be able to go back by doing good deeds, such as handling the demon presence. His battle with what seemed to be a demon archer was interrupted by a young man wielding scythes. They were told that if they, working together, couldn't beat the man, a mere human, then they would have to work together with him. The two accepted, and that was how Aaron Gelion and T3RR3NC3 came to join Zyo Rupture and the spirit of Grey Fields on their journey for answers.

During their escapades, Hasa and Epoch found two unmoving bodies. They didn't appear to be dead, oh no, they were very much alive. When asked by an individual if they could do some research on the bodies, Hasa and Epoch didn't think twice on letting the man take the bodies.

Aaron grew attached to Terry, treating him as another little brother to care for. However, when they reached their final destination, Aaron found his brother under the control of a strange, mist-covered man, as the souls of Aaron, Terry, and Grey were captured by the Mist Artisan, to use to gain more allies for his cause. Zyo, however, escaped without too much harm. Over the years of 2-3 year cycles, Aaron repeatedly had his memories wiped except for his personality being that of a failure flirt, and that Terry and Grey were his best friends.

A couple years down the line, Hasa and Epoch were approached by that same man, imploring them that if they find a cloaked man dual-wielding blades like theirs, they were to incapacitate him immediately. Over the next few months, they repeatedly challenged the cloaked man, being forced to retreat each time, until one time, fighting until the end in desperation, they were left for dead by the cloaked man, rescued at the last second by the man who had asked their help.

Years passed, Aaron forgetting everything and making new memories, only to forget those. It all came to a head on the fiftieth cycle, Grey finally gaining the power to give his friends and allies true clarity of the situation, the small army setting up shop, not before rescuing the warrior who was to be the fiftieth cycle's target and adding him to their ranks.

The duo joined forces with the man, named Sterling Errol, and a boy's soul given a body, Talheart, to combat a flaming warrior, a cloaked man, and a stellar brawler. Like Hasa and Epoch's previous strategy, they challenged the trio multiple times, losing each time until, on the brink of victory, they were interrupted by the Artisan and his two lackeys. In what could only be described as a slaughter, Hasa was killed, impaled on the God of Darkness' signature ability.

Aaron quickly proved to be a caring commander, despite his prickly exterior, the men under his command deeply respecting him by the end of the war that had presented itself before them. Aaron himself fought on the front lines with his fellow commanders, before splitting to confront his brother in the final battle. Despite all the information leading to his loss, Aaron pulled through, defeating and restoring his brother's mental state, banishing the Mist clouding his mind. They proceeded to win the war shortly after, holding off the remnants of the Artisan's army with his brother as a smaller team finished off the Artisan, seemingly for good.

Hasa's body may have been dead, but his soul was alive, as were Epoch's and Tal's, assisting Sterling in his future battles, helping him become the Violet Rider in his final battle for the world they had been living on for the past few months. Sterling proceeded to take his position as mayor of the village he had been residing in, the souls staying with him.

During the war, Aaron had a chance encounter with an angel named Macarona when trying to recruit a robot that had managed to resist the Artisan's influence. Despite initial hostilities, Aaron warmed up to the angel, developing feelings for her, much to his chagrin as that was a source of relentless teasing from his equals. Even though he had a tone of displeasure when dealing with the angel, on the inside, he was delighted to be around her.

When Sterling got word of his rival, Stormfire Rupture, being sighted around a familiar world, Sterling decided to challenge him once more, bringing the souls with. After a couple weeks of study, Sterling returned after the duel to study powerful souls, moving in with Aaron and Storm, the souls coming for the ride. Months pass, and not much changes, aside from Sterling developing a bracelet for the souls to reside in.

Aaron confronts the Artisan, defending Evan as he evacuates the berzerk civilians from the city before they hurt themselves. Due to the gap in their ability, it took everything Aaron had to hold the Artisan off, the man nearly dying to his wounds shortly after. Hasa, however, used his soul to help Aaron recover, inhabiting his body alongside the man, two souls in the same body.

Over the course of Saryn hiding his identity, he and the Apartbros join the Artisan in his battle for freedom, intent on finding out the truth behind his actions. Due to this, and news of Aaron's death spreading at home, the three find themselves at war, on the other side of the spectrum.

When confronted by the first of the Gods, Louis Cyclaw, Saryn nearly sacrificed himself to defeat Cyclaw, gaining the Wing Jagged Crossing for his effort, winning against the God he was an Apostle of. The exertion, however, sent him into a month-long coma.

The coma was brought on by a lack of dark-energy in Aaron's soul, taken away by his sacrifice to gain Jagged Crossing. With the help of a young girl, he was able to regain the lost dark-energy. Upon awakening, Saryn was weakened, but with Hasa's help, he could act normal.


Saryn can channel both Aaron's and Hasa's souls to enter the Shadowlight Apostle form, his power and speed increasing immensely. Despite seeming like one, the Shadowlight Apostle isn't a form, more an enhancement of Saryn's abilities. Aside from that, Saryn can use Darkness to impale his foes with spikes of darkness from their shadows, and the Shadow Sink maneuver to sink below the shadows and avoid attacks. Saryn can also use the powers a SWinger has, including being able to summon his Wing and summon himself to his Wing, Warping to the blade.


Saryn has an infinite supply of throwing knives, which he uses to his advantage, often tying strings to them to bank his throws. He can also use a bladed yo-yo, a skill Aaron picked up when visiting Baile Ore. He also knows how to use his full arsenal effectively.

Aside from that, Saryn can also steal an object from his enemies, increase his speed immensely, or leave himself open to deal massive damage to an opponent, a relic from Aaron's days as a thief and rogue.


As of September 15, 2018, Saryn has dagger skills, sword skills, thrown weaponry skills, drumming skills, he is able to pilot a mech, he can cook relatively amazing, the best out of the Apartbros, and he's a master of wordplay.


Saryn has an intense overprotective stance on Macarona, attempting to make sure she doesn't have to harm herself to live up to expectations. This can often lead to Saryn harming himself, as was the case with Louis Cyclaw, the man using Mac as bait to duel Saryn, alone.

Aside from personality issues, Saryn doesn't have much in the way of truly damaging skills, preferring the 'death by a thousand cuts' approach. He also doesn't have much in the way of defense, able to easily be taken down if one can hit him, his speed more than makes up for his shoddy defense.