Shepherds Base Cocoa Island

Full view of the base.

The Shepherds Base in Cocoa Island is a base built for The Shepherds on Cocoa Island.


Kelson Aldo, the last known Jedi alive, planned on building a base for his group of heroes. They chose to build the base at the south east end of the Island.

2nd Invasion of The Eggman EmpireEdit

The entire island was very quiet. No incidents, no eggman, no nothing. However, during a smoggy storm, Archon, a neon-green and black Mobian hero, called all heroes to report to the Shepherds base at Cocoa Island. All of the heroes arrived at the base.

There, Archon would discuss why the entire island was very quiet. He claimed that The Eggman Empire has a hold on a Warhead of either Hydrogen or Atomic nature. He then claims that this might be the end of this "little Politically Grey situation" that the Island is currently having. He ordered the heroes to do something about the Warhead that the empire is currently has as they might obliterate the island. The reason why they would want to obliterate the island is because of a hidden power underneath the island.

Archon then said that he will leave the island to avoid the upcoming carnage. He leaves the base and would leave the island on the first boat that he sees after leaving the base. He avoided the invasion that would have then come shortly after the end of the meeting, ultimately saving his life.

Significant PopulationsEdit

As its name implies, the base is home to the heroes that are currently residing on Cocoa Island.

Notable AreasEdit


Meeting RoomEdit

Shepherds Base Cocoa Island Meeting Room

The meeting room.

The Meeting Room is where the Heroes, otherwise the Shepherds, would meet up and discuss about ongoing or future events. There are 18 wooden seats on 2 desks with 9 seats each in the middle of the room. There is also a statue of a hawk in the north phase of the meeting room. It is also the crossroads for the other 2 rooms in the base.

Heroes Quarters and Computer roomEdit

Shepherds Base Cocoa Island Heroes Quarters

The Heroe's Quarters.

Shepherds Base Cocoa Island Super Computer

The Super Computer.

The Heroes Quarters and Computer room is where the Heroes would rest and where the heroes can use a large super computer. There are 18 beds divided into 2 sections from left to right consisting of 8 beds each. The computer is black and neon cyan in design. The computer is powered by 6 monitors and 4 power reactors. There are also 2 main computers under the white desk that holds the computer. There is 1 black keyboard and office chair. There is another statue of a hawk and walls in the shape of honey storages produced by bees.

Ship hangarEdit

RobloxScreenShot20180111 153345086

The large unknown yellow and gray ship.

RobloxScreenShot20180111 153354003

The 2 shiny unknown purple little ships.

The Ship Hanger stores a large unknown yellow and gray ship. This ship has a little cannon above the ship and a large cannon on the left side. The only known access point is the manhole that's above the large cannon. The manhole leads to the cockpit which has 1 soft yellow chair and 8 holograms, one of which says "System's Online" and a scope. There is also a little screen that implies that the ship's condition is "Yellow".

The large ship isn't the only ship in the hanger, there are 2 shiny unknown purple little ships that have 1 single cannon and are shiny. There are also 26 large box containers.

Outside the baseEdit

Training areaEdit

Shepherds Base Cocoa Island Training Area

The Training Area.

This little Training Area consists of 3 punching bags, 4 punching dummies, and 3 Bench Presses. The area can be found behind the massive cannon south of the base.

Shepherds SignEdit

Shepherds Base Cocoa Island Shepherds Sign

The Shepherds Sign.

The Shepherds Sign is found at the entrance to the base. It has the Shepherd's logo and writes "SHEPHERDS" on the bottom of the logo.

Fortified TowersEdit

Shepherds Base Cocoa Island Entrance and Fortified Towers

The Entrance and 2 Fortified Towers.

There are 7 Fortified Towers in the base. 2 of them serve as the entrance to the base. They seem to have no purpose.


Shepherds Base Cocoa Island Cannon

A large cannon defending the base.

There are 3 cannons that protect the base. They are currently inaccessible.