Suika Ibuki
Ibuki suika touhou drawn by baba baba seimaijo 5402a2f5e5ec5726eb4daf25ae182327
Suika Ibuki, The Unrestrained Oni
Unknown, at least hundreds of years old.
Youkai (Oni)
Short stature, horned, long ginger (orange) hair, brown eyecolor.
Various red and purple ribbons, tattered blouse, purple skirt, chained accessories.
Neutral Good
Immense Strength

Density and Sparseness Manipulation

Magic (via Danmaku and Spellcards)
Ability type
Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Magic Type
"Mist" Form
"My army is the night parade of a hundred demons! No human or youkai can stand against foregathered oni!"
—Suika Ibuki
The little pandemonium herself, Suika Ibuki, a typical oni that loves to drink and fight. She hailed from the land of Gensokyo and has found herself in the Emerald Isles. Suika is a character from the Touhou Series, a bullet hell game where you challenge various youkai as a shrine maiden.

Currently, she resides in a basement said to be found under Macarona's bed until she can figure out a way to get back to her beloved home, yet, she doesn't seem to be in a rush nor is trying.


Suika has two long straight oni horns on her head, decorated with ribbons. She wears a tattered pale pink blouse, a long purple and pink skirt, and three chain accessories tied to her belt. Her eyes are brown.

Though fighting games sprites represent her with blonde/light brown hair, it must be considered as an error; Suika's real hair color actually being ginger (orange) according to Alphes' artworks and ZUN's  artworks and sprites.


Her personality is jolly and quite childish, as you would expect from her appearance. Despite her childlike exterior, however, she possesses great amounts of raw power. She loves drinking and is frequently seen in the fighting games drunk; she claims she's been drinking sake for some hundreds of years now.

Suika bears the typical personality traits of most oni, valuing strength and fair play while despising dishonesty and cowardice. However, she is apparently slightly less honest than a typical oni. In addition, she doesn't kidnap humans, which is known to be the "strongest bond of trust" between oni and humans. However, she is nonetheless quite honest.

Though she is generally a happy-go-lucky oni, as one of the most powerful youkai in Gensokyo, she can be very observant. In addition, she is seen being very critical of others in Immaterial and Missing Power, such as by calling Alice Margatroid a coward and telling Youmu Konpaku how people make fun of her.

Suika seems to show quite a bit of respect towards Macarona over the time she has spent in her house. Before, she used to trash her house as if she owned the place, but that has potentially been put down to a minimum. Even now, she offers to help rebuild Macarona's house whenever it gets destroyed by some unexpected turn of events without ever being told to do so.


How she got to Emerald Isles is unclear. According to Suika, she says she only remembered being hungover the day before and woke up in the middle of the main island somewhere. At first, it seemed she was a bit focused on getting back to Gensokyo, but eventually seemed to have forgotten for awhile and did nothing but mess around with the folk living there, even joining The Heroes in their disputes against Dr. Wily out of boredom.

It was only until later that she had met Macarona and the others, and then, choosing to crash at the angel's house until she finds her way back to Gensokyo. At first, she acted as if Macarona's house was her own, normally doing whatever she wanted and sometimes destroying her house (mainly her door) on purpose. But after a while of living with her, she seems to have been warming up to the angel and shows a bit more respect to her.

While hanging around Macarona, she has also met the likes of Aaron, a fallen angel who became her drinking buddy after awhile spent together. She seems to be aware of Macarona and Aaron's relationship and how Aaron seemingly has a crush on Macarona, in which she constantly pushes on the two as a form of teasing of some sort.

Much later on, she heads out on her own one day, seemingly heading to Five Aces on her own for a quick drink, until she is met up with a blond haired girl and Denver, a humanoid Leafeon who soon becomes another humble resident of Macarona's house. Around this time, a Krookadile would try intimidating the girls to show off his authority, in which Suika suddenly asks for an arm wrestle. Confident, the Krookadile took her offer and eventually, the victor of that would be Suika. Another being, a demon named Laharl, who seemingly acknowledged her strength decides to challenge Suika to an arm wrestle match, in which Suika casually accepts, despite the odds. As the two squared off, they were causing destruction in the area, accidentally sending things (including Denver and the girl) flying. After accepting her loss against Laharl and the two acknowledging the strength of each other a bit more, Laharl would take a leave and Suika returns to the two girls. In quick response to the blonde girl who had hit a nearby tree during the destructive arm wrestle, Suika would lift both girls and take them back to Macarona's place to rest.

Suika and Denver meet once again when Suika went out to search for Macarona, who didn't seem to be home today. The two bond somewhat during the search, and they see Macarona watching the sky somewhere in a forest area. The three of them stay for a bit to watch the full moon, until Suika and Macarona finally go home, leaving Denver to go on her separate way. However, Suika seemed to have noticed that Denver didn't seem to have a home to go to, in which Suika chose to try and bring her in. Macarona allows Suika to do so and Suika goes searching for Denver. Soon, she gets Denver to start living with them and has now became apart of the "family". Suika seems to get along with Denver quite well and would normally ask her to find her wine grapes whenever she goes out to pick berries.

Another event seemed to occur, which was an invasion caused and led by a being named 0. Macarona seemed to have gotten a letter from mail woman, in which Macarona accepts. Upon reading the letter and the mention of a "dead princess", this caught the attention of Suika. Suika, who was familiar with this "dead princess", has told Macarona about her. After Suika's brief explanation, both girls head off to the temple at Paradise Island, where they would meet the Leader of the Resistance, Yuyuko Sagyouji, and her gardener, Youmu Konpaku. As Yuyuko explains to both of them about the invasion taking place and that they'll need to travel back in time due to current 0 being too powerful, she proceeds to offer them an invitation to join them, both of the girls agreeing to take part in it.

During the war and the final confrontation with past 0, Suika was one of the last few people who managed to push on throughout the whole fight and eventually joined in on landing the final hits against the tyrant with the rest of the remaining resistance.


Suika is currently High 4-C, having effortlessly shattered the Heavens with her fist, the place being said to be larger then the Netherworld, which is even larger than Hell, which happens to be 200,000 kilometers tall.

Abilities & Powers

Suika, more than the abnormal strength of an oni, possesses super-strength. Aya Shameimaru, who has probably seen or heard of nearly every youkai by now, once referred to Suika as "simply the most powerful youkai in Gensokyo". That doesn't mean there aren't others that could be nearly equal to her power, but she is still thought of as the strongest/most powerful youkai in Aya's opinion. Of course, this may be because she is a tengu, who were once subordinate to the oni. At the time of Silent Sinner in Blue, among the people that Reimu Hakurei knows, it seems that she had the greatest super-strength, but she admits that Yuugi Hoshiguma might be (physically) stronger than she is. She once uttered "in my swarm of pandemonium, in the forgathering of oni, no mere human or youkai can withstand!"

Supernatural Strength: Suika possesses the immense strength and power of an Oni, youkai who are naturally renowned for their physical strength. Due to this, Suika is normally capable of one-hit knockouts on the whim. This is further proven (along with her ability) when shown to be able to shatter the Heavens effortlessly.

Regeneration: Her youkai physiology grants her strong regeneration, allowing her to regenerate from her "incorporeal mind".

Longevity: Youkai physiology allows you to live for a very long time.

Immunity to Mind Manipulation: Youkai are naturally able to resist the properties of mind control and such.

Density and Sparseness Manipulation: She is able to lower her own density to a point where she can become mist and basically become intangible and still be able to attack a person or increasing it to where she can grow larger and increase her power and strength. Her manipulation over density also grants her with the ability to effectively keep an eye on everything as she disperses mist. She’s capable of creating what seems to be miniature black holes that that tend to gather rocks and health out of nowhere. Gathering things without shape is also one of her capabilities, such as the souls of people.

Magic: Suika, just like almost every other youkai in Gensokyo, is capable of using Danmaku and Spellcards. However, due to no longer being in Gensokyo, she no longer needs to apply herself to the Spellcard Rules when in Emerald Isles, as it seems there are people with murderous intentions around, giving her the excuse of not needing to hold back her own attacks. These are her skill cards and spellcards.

Skill Cards

Earth Spirit -Dense- - Suika manipulates the earth underneath her to reshape the landscape and subterranean features, causing boulders to burst from the ground like lances.
Earth Spirit -Sparse- - Suika awakens spirits within the earth by pounding on the ground, causing them to drift up from the ground and damage her opponent.
Fire Oni - By pounding the earth, Suika causes lava to spray from the ground and catch her opponent.
Foot Bellows - Suika jumps and stomps on the ground, causing a shockwave.
Gathering Oni - Suika creates a black hole that draws in her opponent and their surroundings a short distance away.
Oni God's Will-o'-Wisp Art - Suika sprays a blue-white flame from her mouth that follows her opponent.
Kidnapping Oni - Suika uses gravitational forces to pull her opponent into her hands and then launches them into the distance.
Oni Spirit Bomb - By gathering heat from her surroundings, Suika creates a massive fireball in her hands and throws it at her opponent.
Spectre -Dense- - Suika gathers heat from her surroundings and focuses it in her hand, releasing it as a burst of flame with a punch.
Spectre -Sparse- - Using her hair, Suika makes a bunch of small duplicates of herself.
Thin Oni - Suika creates a white hole that spews out bullets.
Unpleasant Mist - Suika transforms into mist so that she can freely move around.


Big Four Arcanum "Destruction in Three Steps" - Suika grows to her huge size and then devastates her opponent with three increasingly powerful blows from her as she grows.
Drunken Dream "Art of Segaki Binding" - After binding her opponent with her chain, Suika drains their energy and disturbs its flow, preventing them from properly gathering energy temporarily.
Drunk Sign "Art of Oni Binding" - Suika snags her opponent with her chain and drains their energy while pulling them closer.
Gathering Oni "Throwing Ame-no-Tajikarao" - After grabbing her opponent, Suika gathers earth from her surroundings and traps them in a boulder, which she slams into the ground.
Gather Sign "Throwing Mt. Togakushi" - Using her ability, Suika compresses all the surrounding stones and pebbles to make a boulder, which she throws onto her opponent.
Great Oni "Missing Purple Power" - Suika grows to her huge size and runs amok.
Mist Sign "Gathering and Dissipating" - Suika sprays out a cloud of mist that is dense enough to block projectiles as it disperses over her surroundings.
Oni Sign "Complete Massacre on Mt.Ooe" - After grabbing her opponent, Suika slams them into the ground twice before jumping into the air with them in tow, before bringing them back to the earth with a gigantic explosion.
Oni Sign "Missing Power" - Suika grows to an immense size and blows away all nearby opponents.
Will-o'-Wisp "Super High Density Phosphorus Disaster Art" - Suika slams the ground, causing a ball of lava to burst from the ground and disperse into several, smaller burning globs.


Suika can be weakened by fried beans. Although she should be vulnerable to spiritual damage, the way of exterminating Onis has been lost to time, and it is likely that Suika cannot be exterminated by such means.

While Suika is clever, observant, and cunning, she is almost always intoxicated and tends to rarely take anything seriously.


For Suika's relationships in the main game, click here.


Macarona is the one who allowed Suika to stay over at her house, whom which Suika still thanks to this day. They're relationship could be equal to that of roommates or even a bit more like friends. Before, Suika use to treat Macarona without any respect and always caused a ruckus within her house. She never seemed to take Macarona seriously, potentially taking advantage of her overly kind attitude. Of course, after awhile, the two have eventually developed a much better relationship. Suika would now go to the ends of the earth to help her beloved friend. Like most people who know Macarona, Suika refers to her as "Mac", or intentionally call her "Macaroni".


Formerly Aaron, Saryn is Suika's drinking buddy and close friend. Suika has known Saryn around the time she has met Macarona, and since then, has developed somewhat of a bond with him. Suika seems to tease Saryn over his crush towards Macarona, and sometimes, even encourage him to get even closer with her when she sees a chance.


The most recent roommate of Macarona and Suika, Denver can be said to be a friend to Suika. Denver seems to owe Suika a lot due to her being the one that allowed Denver to have a place to stay. While Denver questions Suika's antics and morale at times, she still considers her as a friend. Suika would normally refer to Denver as "Denny" for short.

Draco Centauros

One of the first few people she met at Mobius and a friend of Suika's. Draco, a demon, claimed to be on the side of evil, as she attempts at destroying buildings and stealing from other places. However, when Suika came to the picture, and eventually, attacked Draco as well, it seems that she has recognized Suika's strength and asked her to join her in the path of evil. Of course, Suika didn't exactly agree to it nor disagree. She sort of just followed Draco around as Draco does all the bad things she does, Suika watching her do so. She only really joined her in fights against other enemies and so forth.


A demon girl with seemingly immense power and an easy-going personality along with it, Suika seemed to have gotten attached with Kat quite well. Suika, when she use to be as reluctant with Macarona as she was before, had always claimed to prefer Kat more then Mac, and if Kat had a home she could live in, she'd stay with her. Of course, that was when her opinion on Mac wasn't as good as it is now. She still remembers Kat, even after her sudden disappearance, and still keeps her deeply in her heart.


  • Suika has a basement beneath Macarona's bed that pretty much leads to her "room". Underneath the basement door is what you may call a "Sake Wonderland", because there happens to be waterfalls of sake wherever you go.
  • Along with this "Sake Wonderland", if you search farther enough, there is also a traditional Japanese house made specifically for herself to reside in. The house also has a Maar Shrine that was intentionally added as a joke. The Maar Shrine is basically a shrine that supports the love between Macarona and Saryn (Formerly, Aaron).
  • It's unknown whether or not Suika had these hidden talents, but she managed to knit well-made plush dolls of other people she knew quite well in her lifetime.