The Tale of the Blade is a lore file based around the creation of the Sword of Chaos and the Stone of Chaos as well as tying into certain canon characters.

The NocturnusEdit


During a time of war, Two rivaling echidna clans fought again and again. Bloodshed. Ruin. Destruction in their wake as they continued their battles for expansion. One clan constantly attempted to conquer the other. In the fires of that war lied a Nocturnus Clansmen known by his rank as "Marauder Metagen". This echidna had lived through the extreme training needed to participate in the war. He was one of the few chaos energy-fluent echidnas in the clan unlike the Knuckles Clan, which thrived with echidnas specializing in utilizing the Chaos Force. Realizing their grave dwindling numbers of chaos users, The Imperator had some of the clan's greatest minds build a blade strong enough to slay their foes. A weapon to be wielded by the machine of destruction. The strongest chaos users in the clan infused their own energy into the blade. The blade was strengthened after the Imperator, himself, contributed to the project.

Twilight HourEdit

Shortly after, The Knuckles Clan foolishly lusted for power and their own lust and greed caused them to massacare Chao and even one of their own. The Water God, Chaos, destroyed them all except afew lone survivers. With their rivals slaughtered, The Nocturnus prepared to use the blade and their ultimate machine to colonize the entire planet. However, The blade's power in the hands of such a dangerous machine brought the attention of a unknown being known as Argus. The being realizing that power could become a weapon of utter destruction and chaos punished the Nocturnus for their "crimes" and banished them to eternal imprisonment in the Twilight Cage all except  Emerl, who was cast to lay beneath the earth never to be found, for a unknown reason. Millenia had past. To the Nocturnus, It only felt like days or weeks. They soon began conquest over the Twilight Cage and used even it's most fearsome creatures to create their empire within the realm. However without their prized ultimate Gizoid, They were unable to use the Sword to it's fullest effect until talk stirred between the minds of the clan. About the tale of the Forgotten War and of the tale of the echidna who possessed the powers of a GOD. The being known as "Enerjak".

The Enerjak ProjectEdit

The Nocturnus Clan put their brilliance to work on studying what they had left to tie them to their world. Studying the mystery of the being known as "Enerjak" and his part in the old "Forgotten War" as well as the first known Enerjak. Days and days past until they finally came up with a plan how to harness the energy Enerjak uses in the old tales of him called "Pure" chaos energy. A energy of neither positivity or negativity. Just pure power. Studying hours on end on magic. They eventually devised a magical hex to turn one of their own into the next "Enerjak". The Enerjak more forgotten the second. The "Twilight Enerjak' as it was named by clansmen. Many echidnas died in the process of becoming Enerjak. Unable to house his power until finally Metagen was decided upon to become Enerjak. This attempt succeeded and the "third" Enerjak was born. The Enerjak of Twilight. Using their technology, This Enerjak was kept under control and forced to house a large ammount of his incredible power witihn the blade. The Blade was then named "The Sword of Chaos". A extremely powerful weapon. However they were unable to keep Enerjak on his "leesh" forever as his god-like power soon broke the technology they were using to control him. Enerjak laid waste to the Nocturnus Empire until he was repelled by the Imperator and forced to open a gateway out of the realm. Shocking all clansmen that Enerjak possessed such a ability. But before leaving the cage, He took the sword with him as he considered the sword to be a "piece" of him.

Eons of WorkEdit


Enerjak appeared in deep space and wandered endlessly to find the planet known as "Earth". His home. Eventually for all of Enerjak's strength, He was unable to find the place he knew as "Home" and soon the being known as "Twilight Enerjak" disappeared. Never to be seen again. The sword drifted across space until it eventually came into the oribit of a planet known as "Eon". The sword was a mysterious weapon to the people of Eon. Their brilliant minds researched the weapon and began to understand it's might while still not knowing all of the full story behind it's origin. As the Eon began to wither and become the NEO. Legends and rumors were passed along from person to person of "The Blade from the Beyond". Speculation was made if the blade was forged by gods or some unseen power. The Blade became something of legend. A crimson blade surging with asburdly strong energy. Due to it's legend status, It was to be safe-guarded to make sure no one could misuse it's power for evil or greed.

The Gate of DestructionEdit

Unbeknownst to the people of Eon, Enerjak had crafted another object with his power known as the "Stone of Chaos". The stone was sent off into space along with it's blade counterpart. The Stone landed on Earth. Buried beneath the Earth while the sword ended up stabbing into the surface of Eon upon landing. The Stone had a secret inscription on it that read: "When the wayfinder and the key are one. The Gate of Destruction shall be opened.". Knowing that he would perish eventually, The Enerjak of Twilight devised a plan and used a version of the Echidna's prayer to place a powerful hex on the Stone of Chaos and the Sword of Chaos. The Sword was the "key" and the Stone was the "wayfinder". With both together, The hex would activate and the power would turn the wielder into the next incarnation of Enerjak as per the Twilight Enerjak's plan to continue the cycle on his own accord. A plan set in stone millennia ago and left as the last resort to continue the cycle of Enerjak.

Enter: HarkamEdit

Soon the Sword of Chaos was seen as a weapon of destruction however as none of the NEo were able to wield and utilize it's power to it's fullest effect. None but it's strongest warriors. Soon the blade came into the possession of the NEO Warlord, Harkam, and was kept safeguarded once more as a weapon to only be wielded by the worthy. Many have tried to wield the blade and use it's power and all have failed. Countless were lost to the sword's incredible power consuming them. The NEO's war hungry sides made them the perfect "food" for the sword's power as it grew. The Sword was kept safeguarded rather tightly by the warlord to ensure that it could not be wielded by just anybody. Only the strongest could wield such a powerful weapon. 

For the FutureEdit

DESTRON, Friends or Foes?Edit

Thanks to Sting's connections with Dimentio, The mercenary organization known as "DESTRON" soon gained knowledge of the Sword of Chaos and how it's held up at the NEO Homeworld. With progress bent on obtaining the blade, Destruction and his team proceeded with their plans. However before the construction of a space port and spaceships could be developed, Their HQ was wiped out by The Eggman Empire and they were forced to pull back out of the line of conflict for the time being. The Sword of Chaos. A legendary blade. A blade that once in another life was wielded by Destruction to obilerate his foes. In this life, He seeks out the blade once more. Will history repeat itself?

Nocturnus, The Caged EmpireEdit

The Nocturnus would remain trapped in the Twilight Cage until millenia later where they eventually were able to return home and began their conquest to colonize the planet once more. New heroes not found in old times rose to the challenge of stopping the Nocturnus from their goals and fought the toughest of challenges. Alien soldiers,Gizoids, and loads of other surprises waiting for them beyond the gate and inside the cage. Eventually it came down to the golden hero versus the Imperator. The Imperator was ultimately defeated by the bright young sun glowing in the darkness of the cage. He and his megalomanical goals were put on hold as he escaped before Nocturne fell apart completely. Most of the clansmen were lost to the battle leaving two lone Nocturnus Echidnas. Shade and the former Imperator Pir'Oth Ix. Could the remains ever be rebuilt upon? No. Perhaps some things cannot be fixed.

Garek, The SurvivorEdit

In the flames of that inferno that washed away the Knuckles Clan, Lone survivors of the clan were able to escape the water god's wrath. The survivors then began to rebuild the Echidna society. Creating the city of Albion and slowly rebuilding after the carnage left by the clan wars. Eventually however, One of the echidnas known as "Doctor Finitveus" was corrupted by chaos energy causing his skin to become white and him to develop megalomania very similar to the infamous imperator of the Nocturnus. Finitveus's research came to a head when he had the D̡͜á̵̧̧r̶͏̴͟͠k̶̶͘͞͝ ҉҉É̷g҉̸͜ǵ̨̢͜ ̨͘͟L̶̶̢e̵͘g̶̨̕͢i̢͟͜o͏̡҉n̴̷҉  Egg Army scorch the city in flames and kill the citizens. Once more, The Echidnas were on the verge of extinction and forced to search for a new place to call "Home". They rebuilt and created the city of Echidnaopolis. The city was once again put under siege by the D̡͜á̵̧̧r̶͏̴͟͠k̶̶͘͞͝ ҉҉É̷g҉̸͜ǵ̨̢͜ ̨͘͟L̶̶̢e̵͘g̶̨̕͢i̢͟͜o͏̡҉n̴̷҉  Egg Army, with the dingos supporting them rather then Finitveus, and Echidnaopolis was obilerated and soon after the return of Enerjak in the form of Knuckles emerged, They were transported to the remains of Albion to rebuild their old city. The Echidnas' current fates are unknown as of this time. However, one of the survivors of the two sieges appears to be Garek and it appears that Albion has been succesfully rebuilt.