Cephillic "Yes, that's Bill, but as a massive Dragon."
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Redesigned Tricksi
Current appearance
Pink eyes, dirty "blond" hair, light pale skin
grey cloak, dark grey bent hat with a brown stripe and a feather sticking out
Magic & Spells (but she's still working on it)
Ability type
None, it's human.........


Tricksi is a "light" skinned female humanoid. She has pink eyes and long dirty blond hair. She wears a grey cloak with a ruffled collar, and a grey bent top hat with a slightly brown stripe, and a violet feather poking out of it. 


Despite her half eerie appearance, She is a kind soul to anyone willing to listen, and care. She is also very optimistic when it comes to people and creature's behavior, and often times gives others a 2nd chance if by any means their first impression is less than ideal to her or her friends. She also cares for anyone that she knows well (Often times also Scolding a certain Roted and trying to convince him not to do something so rash)


When Tricksi was young she always had a interest in weird and undead thing, even owning a multi eyed dog like creature as a pet. However where She was at was a bit of a "toxic" place with most of the inhabitants either being dead, or something really deadly. She soon decided to move away from 'Ell Noxate, Meeting new people that ended up joining her. One being a flying Skuliod named Skalb, and another being a Stubborn acid spitting Roted named TOX. The group then traveled together often staying out of trouble and trying to keep each other in line. Later down the line Tricksi created a big creature using parts and some magic she managed to learn named Rikias. When Tricksi and the other "outcast misfits" came to a crossover junction (AiM's "era 3" Bail Ore), They found a "home" underground but TOX often made several Remarks on the people there. This mainly Involved a group called the "Heroes", And Tricksi never understood why TOX sees them as a "Mob", "Brawlers", and "Mini Army". She ends up trying to convince TOX to not try to do anything that might get him offed by the same people that he insults, But when TOX dissapeared She, Skalb and Rikias went to look for the Roted. They are still looking for him to this day.


Tricksi Does have a slight supernatural power that she is still learning. She often practices her own magic and powers in her free time despite most of her attempts ending up bouncing around, or goes directly to a water source. She also studies books on outside creatures and species to know what might be more resistant than others, as well as pointing out weak spots in some species.


Tricksi is a human so weaknesses would be straight forward as far as what can or can't kill her. However as mentioned before Tricksi's magic isn't perfect and could very well back fire on her, or just miss a target of goal entirely.


  • Tricksi and Revee are the only 2 fully Humanoid characters that have actually been arted by the Low non admin "Kribychu"
  • The slight backstory could imply that humans or at least humanoids might "live" on the same world as some of the Misfit characters, Seeing that Tricksi was able to befriend a Eye Doggle, TOX, and Skalb.
  • Tricksi Seems to be the only real pacifist member of the "Outcast" Misfits as of now, With TOX's Attitude being more aggressive, and the others still unknown.